Beyond Panic. Arts in the Age of the Climate Crisis and Mobilities (in)justice

4 December 2023, 1-3 p.m. |💻 online: link here! 🏢 in-person: Aula Ardigò, Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna

Pierluigi Musarò (University of Bologna)

Gioacchino Orsenigo (University of Naples L’Orientale)
Introduced by Elena Giacomelli and Stefania Peca

Climate change-induced #mobility is an increasingly relevant and controversial topic: simplifying approaches risk sensationalizing the issue, including through a stereotypical reading. There is a need to challenge today’s narratives, offering messages based on evidence rather than preconceived notions. Beyond panic? Re-envisioning #climatemobiliities proposes a series of workshops and seminars aimed at analyzing from different perspectives the complex relationship between mobility and #climatechange and promoting collaborative approaches among #journalists#researchers#activists , and #artists to generate possible counter-narratives of the current alarmist framework.

The workshops are part of the @rethink_the_challenge project, which aims to activate cross-cultural and cross-sectoral reflection on climate change and #migration to foster a better understanding of the possibility of universalist action in the world. Through a participatory approach and the sharing of useful tools for those who want to become socially active on these issues, the project explores possible future scenarios from today’s challenges related to migration and climate change. Activities aim to combine research, knowledge exchange and #education with new ways of sharing knowledge with different targets and audiences.


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