We promote spaces for dialogue and inter/action to change how knowledge is produced, disseminated and transmitted.


Who is afraid of the future?

Imaginaries of the present on mobility, migration, and climate change

With the goal of promote scientific outreach on issues fundamental to cohabitation on our planet, such as mobility justice, bordering processes, migration and climate change, and regenerate the imaginaries related to them, Reimagining Mobilities proposes a program of activities that will be structured in a Festival that, with an inter- and trans- disciplinary approach, will take place over two days in which, at different places and times, heterogeneous activities aimed at building a dialogue between multiple academic and non-academic subjects will be held.

The Festival was the winner of the ISA topic 2022 call sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Bologna.


Original projects using different artistic methods and languages to realize and disseminate our research

Short clips in which we interviewed guests at our seminars