Atlas of Transitions

The project Atlas of Transitions – New Geographies for a Cross-Cultural Europe, aims at challenging traditional social imaginaries on migration through the use of artistic devices of different types. A project stimulated an inspiring collaboration between artists, researchers, experts and communities of action from seven countries in order to experiment with new languages, spaces of conviviality and innovative self-expression. Co-financed by the Creative Europe funding, it alternated theater performances with urban itineraries, public meetings on the theme of borders and the right to mobility, participatory dj-sets in peripheral neighborhoods, but also installations, workshops on body archives and actions of political activism. In Italy the action-research included different tools, such as meetings between all stakeholders involved, interdisciplinary conferences and seminars on project issues, public debates open to citizens, art workshops, training in high schools and university courses, debates with the communities of migrants living in Bologna and its surroundings. Many of the activities developed in Italy by ERT Fondazione, Cantieri Meticci and University of Bologna converged into “Atlas of Transitons – Biennale”. These three international festivals (organised in 2018, 2019 and 2020), adopted an innovative approach to investigate the relations between arts and migration, involving both emerging and experienced artists from all over the world, often sharing the idea of arts as participatory and experimental spaces of collective expression.

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