Reimagining Mobilities

Chiara Davino

Chiara Davino graduated in Architecture at University Iuav of Venice and she is a PhD candidate in Sociology and Social Research at University of Bologna. Her areas of investigation include bordering processes in Europe, European migration governance, Italian reception policies, Italian spatial development policies. Her research currently investigates how the revitalization of Italian shrinking areas can be linked to the presence and reception of migrants and asylum seekers, generating spaces of interaction in the community. She is an Italian member of the research group in the Horizon 2020 European project Welcoming Spaces. She was research fellow in Architectural Representation at University Iuav of Venice. She is co-author of “Immune morphologies. Forms of militarisation and alliance in emergency processes” (ABC, 2022) and “Panico. Letture di campi post 11 settembre” (Il Filo di Arianna, 2021). As independent researcher, she is co-founder of the think-tank Assembramenti (2020) aimed to critically interpret space as a cultural process in the era of overlapping crises and extended geographies and temporalities.