On this page we share a selection of multimedia materials created within or outside the projects we are involved in.

Original projects using different artistic methods and languages to realize and disseminate our research

Short clips in which we interviewed guests at our seminars

Who are you?

I am nature, I am curious and perpetually in love with life on and in planet Earth.

What is climate change to you?

The clear response of existing ecosystems across the globe to the human population’s illusion that it can grow without limit and infinitely exploit the resources that the earth offers humans themselves for their existence. And man’s opportunity to stop and change his way to preserve his own existence. The collective existence of mankind but increasingly also the individual existence of each of us.

Imagine the places in your city/town that have changed in the last 10 years due to climate change.

The lower frequency of cold spells in the Netherlands (where I have lived for the past 2 years). The photo shows the Rhine River expansion tanks frozen during a cold week in February 2021 after 11 years of no such event. It also depicts Dutch families finally using their hundreds of sleds that had been in the attic for more than a decade.

How do you deal with the changes in the environment?

Adapting my consumption habits, food and non-food.

Avoiding non-essential air travel. Trying with my studies in agriculture and soil biology to push toward a transition to regenerative agriculture and sustainable land management.

What is migration for you?

For me, human migration consists of the necessity in which some humans find themselves to leave their homes in order to seek a better life elsewhere or sometimes simply to be able to continue living.