Publication: 2020

Journey and trespassing, Scritture Migranti No 14

Edited by: Emanuela Piga Bruni, Pierluigi Musarò

Abstract: Travel and Trespassing is our second edited volume devoted to the themes of travel, the border and the act that transcends it: trespassing, understood as an intellectual and physical practice, and an affirmation of freedom.In the two volumes we investigate the concepts of travel, frontier and boundary by exploring the tensions and dissonances that run through this semantic field.

Thanks to the contributions of so many authors, the frontiers of travel are analyzed both from a sociological perspective that reflects on the multiplication of borders-understood as devices that materialize through media and the imaginary they nurture; and from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective, capable of rendering the complexity of borders and the profound experiences of those who cross them or are crossed by them.