Publication: 2022

Media hospitality: Migration in public discourse.

Edited by: Pierluigi Musarò, Paola Parmiggiani

In a world divided by inequalities and on the brink of human extinction caused by climate change, we call for security against the threat of immigration, perceived as rampant and threatening disorder. And in putting in place all the devices aimed at protecting “us” and excluding “them” we bask in the illusion that it is sufficient to consolidate our fortresses to cope with the pressure of migratory flows. But we forget that there can be no humanity without hospitality.

Exploring the tension between processes of globalization and the spectacularization of borders, the book invites us to rethink hospitality in the mediapolis as a cultural and political issue, offering concrete tools to give a voice to the protagonists of migration and create architectures so that their words are heard. Because we are all migrants, we have been or could be.

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