Beyond Panic. Journalism and Climate Mobilities: Who owns the narrative?

Seminar: Giovanni Bettini, Lancaster UniversitySara Manisera, Fada CollectiveLillo Montalto Monella, RAI Workshop by: Elena Giacomelli, Stefania Peca Target: media workers and journalists Online (Zoom), Accredited event with the journalists’ association (3 credits) More info coming soon!

Beyond Panic. The Others of the Climate Crisis

Seminar: Andrew Baldwin, Durham UniversityMimi Sheller, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Workshop by: Elena Giacomelli, Stefania Peca Target: students, academics, professors, phd, post-doc Online (Zoom)

Beyond Panic. Arts in the Age of the Climate Crisis and Mobilities (in)justice

⚡️SEMINARS ARE STARTING!⚡️🏢 in-person: Aula Ardigò, Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna 🧩 with Pierluigi Musarò (University of Bologna @upieru ) and Gioacchino Orsenigo (University of Naples L’Orientale)🧩 introduced by @eleni_giac and @stefaniapeca Climate change-induced #mobility is an increasingly relevant and controversial topic: simplifying approaches risk sensationalizing the issue, including through a stereotypical reading. There is a need to challenge today’s narratives, offering messages […]

Digital expulsions

Digital expulsions.
Refugees’ carcerality and
the technological
disruption of asylum