Africa imagined by young people. The role of media narratives in the construction of another continent

This chapter focuses on awareness campaigns targeting migrants as preventative strategiesThis paper highlights the progressive shrinkage of news and programs dedicated to the African continent in the Italian mainstream media and its thematization almost exclusively in function of migration processes and of the contextual involvement of Italian institutions or protagonists. Faced with a limited and […]

Awareness Campaigns to Deter Migrants: A Neoliberal Industry for Symbolic Bordering

This chapter focuses on awareness campaigns targeting migrants as preventative strategies adopted since the 1990s by nation-states or supra-national entities for the management of transnational (im)mobility. An overall analysis of the textual and visual tropes recurring in four European and Australian awareness campaigns, produced between 2006 and 2019, shows how these campaigns act as symbolic […]

Aware Migrants: The role of information campaigns in the management of migration

European Journal of Communication, vol. 34/6, 2019, 629-640 Abstract: Taking as a starting point studies on the biopolitics of bordering, as well as media studies, this article explores how information campaigns deter potential migrants and refugees from leaving their countries depict them in very specific ways, operating as ‘new bordering practices’ that are in conjunction […]

Journey and trespassing, Scritture Migranti No 14

Abstract: Travel and Trespassing is our second edited volume devoted to the themes of travel, the border and the act that transcends it: trespassing, understood as an intellectual and physical practice, and an affirmation of freedom.In the two volumes we investigate the concepts of travel, frontier and boundary by exploring the tensions and dissonances that […]

Media hospitality: Migration in public discourse.

In a world divided by inequalities and on the brink of human extinction caused by climate change, we call for security against the threat of immigration, perceived as rampant and threatening disorder. And in putting in place all the devices aimed at protecting “us” and excluding “them” we bask in the illusion that it is […]

Receptionists: skills of a profession in the making

An ethnographic investigation by a researcher-operator This article describes an ethnographic research of the professions born within the reception system in the Autonomous Province of Trento. The basic question arises in the field thanks to the researcher’s experience as a reception operator with the Centro Astalli Association in the Autonomous Province of Trento, which constitutes […]

Banality of the sea. Borders, quarantine and cruise ships in the time of COVID-19

Defining migration means drawing a line between states and agreeing not only that that border has been crossed, but also whether it was migrants, asylum seekers, tourists, vagrants or travellers. As defined by Alessandro Leogrande (2015), the border is therefore «a line made up of infinite points, infinite nodes, infinite crossings. Each point a story, […]

Challenging Eurocentric Perceptions of Mobility Justice through Climate Diaries

Given alarmist racialized portrayals of so-called ‘climate migrants’ as an invasive threat from the Global South to Global North this paper examines how visual methods can challenge western production of knowledge around the climate crisis. We draw on Mimi Sheller’s concept of ‘mobility justice’ (2018) which reflects the interconnecting strands that emerge from the interdisciplinary […]

Immune Morphologies: Forms of Militarization and Alliance in Emergency Processes

The book is a collection of essays which reflect on the double dimension of immunity: as aggressive-military distortion and as permeable border that generates alliances. Referring to the fields of Urban Studies, Sociology of Culture, and Visual Arts, the authors analyze, starting from 2020, how the nesting of emergency processes spatializes along material and symbolic […]