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R.E.D. Carpet (Reframing the European Dream)

Year: 2021 -2022 

Description: A red carpet – a welcome object laid out as a sign of welcome – is transformed into an interactive (physical and virtual) and traveling device through which the viewer, using his or her smartphone, is invited to open new windows on Europe and the people who inhabit it. In the 12 central rosettes that design the carpet, metaphorical and polysemous images surface, inspired by some of the themes that emerged from interviews conducted in Italy by the research team of the Universities of Bologna and Roma La Sapienza. All around, QR codes stimulate the viewer to explore migrant people’s perceptions of Europe before and after their arrival, as well as the perceptions of this passage held by frontline migrant reception workers, law enforcement and policymakers working in Italy. Thanks to the performances of the Cantieri Meticci theater company, the carpet invites us to retrace the steps of migrants by crossing the gazes and narratives that together shape the Europe we cohabit.

R.E.D. (Reframing the European Dream) Carpet is the result of a collaboration between the research team of two Departments (Sociology and Economic Law; Psychology) of the University of Bologna and artists Sara Pour and Pietro Floridia with Cantieri Meticci, a collective of actors from more than twenty countries around the world.

R.E.D. (Reframing the European Dream) Carpet รจ realizzato all’interno del progetto “PERCEPTIONS: Comprendere l’impatto delle nuove tecnologie, dei social media e delle percezioni nei Paesi esteri sui flussi migratori e sulla sicurezza dell’UE e fornire approcci, strumenti e pratiche di contrasto convalidati”. Link al progetto:

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