Beyond panic? Re-envisioning climate mobilities

The project Beyond panic? Re-envisioning climate mobilities, founded by Rethink the Challenge Project and Panicocene,, is a series of workshops and seminars, realised between December 2023 and May 2024, to analyse from different perspectives the complex relationship between mobility and climate change. The seminars promoted collaborative approaches among journalists, researchers, activists and artists to generate […]

Beyond the Anthropocene

lab Beyond the Anthropocene? The 17 collages that make up the exhibition are the result of a workshop conducted with the students of the course in Sociology of Culture of the Bachelor of Arts in Political, Social and International Sciences (a.y. 2022/2023). Edited by Lorenza Villani and Valentina Cappi Through what are referred to in […]

Climate Diaries

Year: 2022 The multidisciplinary research team of the University of Bologna adopted, among other quantitative and qualitative tools, visual methods as a means to try and challenge stigmatized representations of the climate crisis and so-called climate migrants as victims or threat. An innovative ‘climate diaries’ methodology (Giacomelli & Walker, 2021) was adopted by asking participants […]

R.E.D. Carpet (Reframing the European Dream)

Year: 2021 -2022  Description: A red carpet – a welcome object laid out as a sign of welcome – is transformed into an interactive (physical and virtual) and traveling device through which the viewer, using his or her smartphone, is invited to open new windows on Europe and the people who inhabit it. In the […]