Beyond Panic. Journalism and Climate Mobilities: Who owns the narrative?

Seminar: Giovanni Bettini, Lancaster UniversitySara Manisera, Fada CollectiveLillo Montalto Monella, RAI Workshop by: Elena Giacomelli, Stefania Peca Target: media workers and journalists Online (Zoom), Accredited event with the journalists’ association (3 credits) Watch the seminar on our YouTube channel!

Beyond Panic. The Others of the Climate Crisis

Seminar: Andrew Baldwin, Durham UniversityMimi Sheller, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Workshop by: Elena Giacomelli, Stefania Peca Target: students, academics, professors, phd, post-doc Watch the seminar on our YouTube Channel!

Beyond Panic. Arts in the Age of the Climate Crisis and Mobilities (in)justice

Pierluigi Musarò (University of Bologna) Gioacchino Orsenigo (University of Naples L’Orientale)Introduced by Elena Giacomelli and Stefania Peca Climate change-induced #mobility is an increasingly relevant and controversial topic: simplifying approaches risk sensationalizing the issue, including through a stereotypical reading. There is a need to challenge today’s narratives, offering messages based on evidence rather than preconceived notions. Beyond panic? Re-envisioning #climatemobiliities proposes […]