The overall objective of the project is to promote the adoption of sustainable farming systems among Palestinian communities in the West Bank through the increased use of treated wastewater for agricultural purposes in the area of Beit Dajan, a community located in the Governorate of Nablus. The research aims to integrate the existing literature on the use of treated wastewater in agriculture with empirical data collected from the case study, and to examine the perceptions and practices of local farmers, in order to develop an ‘evidence-based narrative’ on the possible positive impacts of water purification on food security in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, to ensure water sustainability and counteract the effects of climate change.

The aim is both to increase the availability of treated and distributed wastewater in the Beit Dajan area for agricultural purposes, and to raise awareness in Emilia Romagna and the West Bank on the opportunity to use treated wastewater for agricultural purposes to ensure food security of vulnerable populations.

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