Welcoming Spaces

The project aims at developingl an innovative approach to solve two current political challenges, namely to revive the European inner areas and, at the same time, to sustain a welcoming and inclusive environment for extra-Europeans migrants. How is it possible to revive the “shrinking areas” by enhancing cultural diversity? Aiming at finding the answers to this question, the project implements at the same time concrete actions of local revitalisation from below, by partnering with FIERI (International and European Forum on Migration Research) at national level. At the international level, the Italian team is collaborating with Utrecht University (Project Leader), CEPAIM, Warsaw School of Economics, Siegen University, Ocalenie Foundation, University of Coruna and LVKK.

The project argues that the revitalisation of shrinking areas should invest in processes capable of creating sustainable and inclusive development, understood as an opportunity to enhance the well-being of the community. Such assets should support people in pursuing their life aspirations, respecting at the same time individual and collective freedoms and human rights.

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