The overall goals of PANICOCENE are to identify and analyze the ways by which news media may lead to stereotyping climate change-induced mobilities, thus impacting on perceptions of readerships, general audiences and ultimately policy-making, and to propose a space for collaboration between activists, journalists and academics. 

O1. The first objective, through ‘quick-and-dirty keyword search’ and semi-structured interviews, is to scan printed and online news media produced over the last 20 years and identify major disaster milestones, defined as key environmental disasters that have acted as turning points in perceptions on climate change-induced mobilities. 

O2. The second objective is to analyze discourses and narratives that have been used to frame climate change-induced mobilities stereotypically through Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and to examine interactions among activists, journalists and researchers on this topic. CDA methodology would help to adopt a critical approach in assessing the control of power and ideology of the news media system. 

O3. The third objective is to construct a platform for present and future collaboration between activists, journalists and researchers on climate change-induced mobilities and to create possible counter-narratives.