Pierluigi Musarò is a Full Professor of Sociology, Culture and Communication at the Department of Sociology and Business Law, University of Bologna. With many years of experience, he is the author of several books and papers in the field of media and migration, mobilities, borders and human rights. He has been the Principal Investigator of DEAR project ‘End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change. A Pan-European campaign to build a better future for climate-induced migrants, the human face of climate change’ and local responsible for a WP on media narratives in the Horizon2020 projects ‘PERCEPTIONS – Understanding the Impact of Narratives and Perceptions of Europe on Migration and Providing Practices, Tools and Guides for Practitioners’ and ‘Investing in ‘Welcoming Spaces’ in Europe: revitalizing shrinking areas by hosting non-EU migrants’.

He is President of the Italian NGO YODA; founding Director of IT.A.CÀ_migrants and travellers: Festival of Responsible Tourism; founding member of the Italian Network against Hate Speech.

Doctor Susana B. Adamo has extensive experience in studying the nexus between climate change and migration dynamics. She is co-coordinator of the interdisciplinary network on Population-Environment Research, and member of the Climate Change Working Group of the Group on Earth Observations-GEO. Her research interests and publications spread across several interdisciplinary fields, such as environmental migration and displacement, social vulnerability and climate change. She is co-author of milestones books and reports on climate mobilities such as ‘Groundswell Part 2: Acting on Internal Climate Migration’ and ‘Migration and risk: net migration in marginal ecosystems and hazardous areas’ and peer-reviewed articles on case studies on climate change induced-mobilities. 

Prof. Andrew W. Baldwin‘s research examines the intersections of race, nature and geography in relation to three broad phenomena: 1) climate change and human migration; 2) mobility and the Anthropocene; and 3) settler colonialism. He is especially interested in how each relates to questions of humanism, posthumanism, politics, culture and urbanism. Informed by a mix of theoretical perspectives, including postcolonialism, poststructuralism, feminism, anti-racism and Black studies, his work is motivated to ask how political authority is adapting to looming geohistorical phenomena like climate change and the Anthropocene

Dr. Paola Barretta, communication specialist

Carta di Roma is an association founded in December 2011 with the goal of implementing the Journalist’s Code of Conduct on immigration, signed by the National Council of Journalists and the National Federation of the Italian Press, which seeks to be a stable reference point for those who work on a daily basis with media and minority issues.